She got the Fire in the dance!

My heart is going to explode with my love for the hooping and fire spinning communities near and far for providing me the opportunity to have the experience I had last night.  I’m in awe of flame and fire and my own body and though I find this journey still just beginning I am so grateful for the change and growth it has impacted in my life and can’t wait to see what is still yet to come.

I spun a my fire hoop *Lit* for the first time last night! and it was absolutely amazing and wonderful and everything i had hoped it would be!

Its almost hard to remember it.  I remember not remembering how to spin a hoop- I remember being mesmerized by the flames and be disoriented about where the hoop itself was.  I remember my heart racing and feeling like it was going to leap out of my chest.  I remember feeling utterly overjoyed when it was done and I found myself burn free and with *almost* all my hairs intact.

I got a bunch of my friends to come out and play around with me for my first time- and even got the help of some new more experienced spinners wich was so nice- to really feel supported by the community at this little milestone!

and without further ado- the video!

I feel like I was so distracted by the fire I forget to actually play with my hoop, I think with time I’ll aclimate to the fire and by a dancing fool!

My friend Ann even came out and spun fire for the first time too!!  It was really great to get to share the experience with someone who really shares my passion for spinning.   Check out her video too!

Ann’s First Burn

More videos and fire spinning stories and all the love to come but until then thanks for coming along for the ride!

Happy Hooping,



Its more fun with a friend.

  So I have a friend.  (only one, its true)  and this friend occasionally likes to sit outside and gab with me. (he would be so annoyed at me for calling it gabbing)  Typically on these nights of extended gabbing, I bring my hoop and spin. Once upon a time it came out that he likes to play with lightsabers, and as it turns out, he’s not half bad at spinning them.  This inspired a brainstorm.  lightsabers, I’ve discovered, are not unlike staffs.  So I sent him a few badass videos of fire staff spinners.  I knew it would work, I appealed to his love of fire and badassery. So last night while we were out gabbing and I was spinnin’ my lil’ ole hoop- he suggested an adventure in staff making.

Thanks to this lovely tutorial by the lovely twirl of Atomic Fire our adventures in staff making were highly successful.  I opted out of making my own, as I imagine I will have enough on my hands adding fire to my hoop practice.  But Bill ended up with a pretty awesome staff if I do say so myself, and I bet he’ll even let me borrow it if i ask real nicely.

Forgive the crappy phone picture, but as you can see its Bill and his badass staff.  I know its not quite a lightsaber, but maybe one day we’ll get him one he can light on fire.

and now, I have someone I can spin with 🙂

Happy Spinning, Whichever props you choose,


Imaginary Fire.

Remember when it was break and I worked A LOT? probably not.
well if you didn’t know I spent my last spring break ever working, and It was a lot of work.

However. It meant I could afford a little early graduation present for myself.  So last night I sat down and ordered….


Synergy QuickWicks.  SO STOKED! Can’t wait!!

Now, Fire hooping has always sort of been one of the major goals of this hooping journey. I’ve always had a bit of a pyro side and generally enjoy all things that can be lit on fire. and for as much as I have anticipated fire hooping and have felt for a while now that I am ready to burn… today i got spooked. I was taking a study break to spin outside in the sunshine, but today as I went through my typical hoop moves I imagined there were fire wicks on the hoop. Easy I know, but not something I had ever really thought to do before.  I guess the danger of fire moving around my body at high speeds and a considerably small distance finally really set in.

I was doing more break downs then I normally do, one of the moves i was breaking down (one of my favorites) involves transitioning from a ‘stir the pot’ to a vortex, by jumping into the hoop.  This is when I realized I wont be able to stir the pot with wicks on my hoop without the wicks bumping me.  But because I’ve always prep’d for the horizontal jump through with at least one ‘stir the pot’ I found I really had to break it down to get the move without it, and I’m still not very confident in it.  Confidence is one of those things you really need to spin fire…. and suddenly mine is shaken.

I plan on practicing with the unlit wicks a bunch before I light up- so expect to hear from me, as I make my way towards my first real burn, see With a Sun(burn)…. if you wanna read up on my first un real burn.

Also, I would totally LOVE any advice you have for first time fire spinners- Like really, I would really really LOVE advice.  What are your favorite moves to do when you’re spinning fire?  What do you like to wear? Whats your favorite fuel?  I’ve done a lot of reading on all these things, but Its always nice to hear others opinions.

Happy Hooping,


Connecting, Connections, and Connectorville

Its break, so I’m working- A LOT- but I took a little break the other night to and headed down to a show at in St Louis.  I took my hoop, cause I know the venue, even when its pretty full there tends to be an upstairs space people use for prop manipulation, I took my collapsible instead of my LED.  I’m still a little shy about taking my LED to shows, I’m pretty protective of it.  I wish I would have taken the LED, I forget how much easier it is to spin when you’re all lit up and people notice a little more.

The show was fantastic.  I’d seen most of the artists before but it was just really great to get to spend the night with my friends and dance my ass off.  I got a lot of really great encouragement about my hooping, which is always nice, Its nice to feel like people like it when I hoop in public.  There were a couple other hoopers there, and its fun to get to see some other styles and moves I wouldn’t have thought of.

I also meet a guy who was spinning flags, not like color guard flags, more like this

I’d never seen flags before, they were just big light weight rectangles of neon green fabric with weights sewn into one of the corners. They were cool and a lot of fun to spin, I may have to make myself a pair- I think it would be pretty easy.  Has anyone made flags before, or spun swing flags? I’m just curious if anyone has any advice or knows of any tutorials.

That is one of the nice things about starting to feel very comfortable with my hoop, I can look into branching out into other toys and not feel like i’m cheating on my hoop.

Happy Hooping,


My life is a Joke

Between work, and school, and St. Paddys day, my hoops have gotten dustier then I’d care to admit- so there goes the 30/30.  Man, I’m bad at challenges.  Im still hooping, until the rest of life calms down the 30/30 is on the back burner. ( I know I can’t find a half hour to hoop right now)  But- I thought I’d take a quick second to poll the blogosphere– SaFire has a sale on her classes, do I splurge and try her Budding class?? (I wanna learn a pizza toss!!) OR do I stash the cash and get my first fire hoop?? (I wanna be burning by summer!!!)   I’m a 5 year old and I want all the things.  Someone make decisions for me!!!

Short post I know but if I spend less time blogging I have more time to hoop!

Love Ya’ll,



Sooo day 2 of the 30/30 was fail (my procrastination caught up to me).  But I made up for it by hooping for an extra hour today (not like that was hard).

The weather is so nice I can’t help but hoop, just getting outside is making me feel way more back in the flow.  My Chi-ing it up is up to about 80% and so is my step back in.   They’re even starting to look pretty.  My arm in chest hooping is still wonky, but i’ve gotten a few basic breaks in,  I’ll have to keep working on those, I love the look feel of them when they’re clean, but when they’re sloppy, they throw everything off.  My left hand is becoming less stupid, but I’m still struggling because I don’t have a good pair of twins to learn on. (my mini’s are hard to learn on cause they’re soooo tiny)

I even got an old friend to join me for today’s hoop session, I gave Jef a hoop to play with ages ago, and never realized he’d actually kept up with it till recently.  He’s totally a knee hoopin’ champ- now to just get him to push the boundaries a little further. (Its so nice to have someone to pass my newly acquired knowledge to,even if im a bum teacher and hes a stubborn student)

Happy Hooping,



Not really…

But it is Pi day– and the first day of my 30/30 Challenge.  Yay for equally important reasons to celebrate!!

I was always more of a book nerd then a math nerd growing up. (*although I did get a 5 on my AP Calculus test senior year of High School and will own that number till i die*)  But as foodie, Pi day always appealed to me because you got to eat pie, and who dosen’t love pie???  along with Pi I’ve always been a big fan of Fibonacci Spirals and the natural geometry of the universe. 

I would love to try and learn some isolations, or some sort of hoop move that would recreate a Fibonacci Spiral… any suggestions? I’ve been working on vertical flowers, I can do a 3 point, but I’d love to try and get a 6 point.  Like a flower of life. LOVE. 

Anymore Pi day is beginning to appeal to me in a whole new way (I still enjoy an excuse to eat Pie)  Without Pi we wouldn’t have circles, and without circles, well, where would we get our lovely hoops?

As far as the 30/30 Challenge goes today was day 1- and I decided to really push myself.

I worked on the 3 point flower and Isolations on my left arm (my left arm is stupid) I’ve been really trying to strengthen it recently so i can do more twins/minis work. I also worked on ‘Chi-ing’ up from my knees to my waist, and from my waist to my neck. I look like an idiot but I can make it happen, with practice I’m sure I can smooth it out.

I must admit, I spent about 10 min just spinning and enjoying myself.  The problem with the 30/30 challenge is that suddenly when I have to spin for half an hour, that half hour feels so much longer then before- and when I’m struggling on the same move over and over but I can’t just let myself quit its really easy to get frustrated… but so far I would at least consider the 30/30 a good excuse to get out of the house for a little while.

Happy Hooping,


Back in the floooooooooow

With good weather comes an onslaught of senioritis.  Easily noted by increased inability to sit still, or maintain any semblance of focus to school work, also increased use of internet social networking, time, wasters, and in my case blogging.  Conveniently with good weather also comes more hooping.

Today, I was supposed to be reading up on some new secondary source material for my thesis, I kept telling myself i could do this while sitting out in the sun on campus, although I most chatted with my friends and took lots of  hooping breaks, I love getting my friends to hoop with me.  I even gotten some of them interested in getting their own hoops.  Some girl i didn’t know came by and spun with me for a while,  she was really sweet and was an amazing hooper, I wish i could have caught her name.

I was feeling inspired after all this great hooping, so i decided to keep it up.  I went out this evening, as its been a while since Ive gotten to really put my LED to work.  I was mostly running drills as i slowly discover the extent of skills I have lost from inconsistent practice.  Which leads me too my next Challenge.


I’m gonna do a 30/30 challenge, that is to focus on improving for 30min a day for the next 30 days.   I’m totally stoked and I think i can do it.   Most 30/30 challenges i’ve found focus on a specific things, like reverse current or multi hoops, I’m planning on being a little more generalized with a main theme of control.   I’m gonna focus on utilizing my hoop under my complete control, rather then just flailing around and dancing as the hoop kinda bounces along with me.

I’m excited and think this is gonna be a fun excuse to not do homework.  I don’t think i’ll count today, as I really didn’t get the idea till after most the hooping for the day had been accomplished, so I’l start day one tomorrow.

Happy Hooping,


With a (Sun)Burn to go with it…

Saturday, despite still being early march, was in the 70s and it was absolutely gorgeous.  My hoopin’ buddy Kenzie organized a little Hang Out/ Drum Circle/ Hoop Jam at a park in town.  It was super fantastic.  After all the complaining about it being too cold to hoop, and not having enough space to hoop in doors, it is now time to complain about all the dexterity, and a few moves that have degraded in the time when hooping has been less of a priority.

But I’m feeling rather inspired again, and with spring break rapidly approaching and no major plans on the horizon, there will be plenty of time to get my hoop on.

They day was filled with adventures.

What a great space for Hoop Jaming!!!

Regan and I got into a groove on the pillars.

The boys got goofy and had some fun too!

Merriment and Music were enjoyed by all!

and to top it all off! Chris had his fire poi with him,  we wouldn’t normally burn in the sun cause the fire can be hard to see when its so bright out, but it was a clear day and the wind had died down so we had to go for it!!

Now poi are by no means a toy I necessarily feel skilled at in any capacity, but when someone is handing you a toy on fire, that becomes increasingly less important!!  Chris and Regan and Skel had spun, I was filming, when Chris hands me the poi, I’m sure he said something but I was just suddenly so full of adrenaline I didn’t really hear him. (Note to those now freaking out at this point int he story, I had played with Chris’ Poi before unlit, I knew how they are weighted and I knew how to keep them moving without hitting myself in the face, I wasn’t going in completely blind)   I stepped out from my filming perch behind a pillar and made my way to where I could adequately spin. I was mostly focused on breathing, but its true what they say, the joy of fire is in the sound it makes when its rushing around your body.   Its wooshing but almost like a static or a white noise, but its natural, and organic, and loud. So Loud! I only got a few spins and a few weaves in before they start going out and and Chris tells me to spin them as fast as I can- then WOOOOSH they were out and I had a smile on my face that even my mountains of school work won’t wipe off.  So there it is- I burned.

and got home to find I was sunburnt as well.

Happy Spining,


a whole new monster

Technically its just a new toy, but it feels like a whole new monster.

Story Time! *warning* I’m delving into my personal life– feel free to completely disregard it– or not **.   A few weeks ago I was pretty down in the dumps, a boy I’d been seeing was two timing me, and when all this was discovered it made me sad and a little *RAWR* and generally not feeling to great… Well one morning I woke up and decided I was going to indulge in a little retail therapy, to aid in the sadness.  This is something I typically avoid, but I was really down, so I said “Screw It– I’m gonna buy myself something really nice and make myself happy”. The caveat to this was that I was going to make an intelligent purchase.  Conveniently my sister had given me a handy dandy gift card to Sacred-Flame for Christmas that I hadn’t utilized yet.  I think you can see where this is going…3 Weeks Later:My New Trinity Hoop!!

This is the smallest lightest hoop I’ve ever had. but also it converts into Minis!

Very small minis…

and I have suddenly discovered I have NO IDEA what to do with minis.

Like really… not a damn clue.  These things are a whole new monster, albeit a new fun exciting monster for  me to wrangle with.  I’m currently just running left hand drills and surface switching drills until I feel a little more comfortable, when you break down the trinity the minis are SO RIDICULOUSLY LIGHT! I they fly off easily.  I’ll post a more technical review of Sacred Flame’s Trinity hoop, after I get to play with it a little more– So far I really like it and I expect to continue to enjoy it.  Until then does anyone have any advice on what in the world do with a pair or minis? any moves (preferably easy/beginner level) that I must learn right away??  I always appreciate the feedback.

Happy Hooping,